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Helping You Through The Probate Process

Most people who have never been through the process are intimidated by probate. There are complex regulations in place coupled with significant financial risks if the process isn’t handled carefully. The risk is significant for both the agents — the will administrators or trustees — and for potential beneficiaries. It is critical to have someone on your side with knowledge and experience to protect your financial interests.

At Derryberry & Naifeh, LLP, we know the probate process in Oklahoma. We have been serving Oklahoma City-area clients as a team of lawyers since 1979. Our attorneys can provide you with sound counsel and representation throughout the process.

Representing Agents, Will Executors, Administrators And Trustees

Serving as a will administrator, estate executor or trustee is a significant burden and responsibility, one that comes with significant risk. In addition to the possibility of administrative violations, you are facing a possible lawsuit if you are suspected of making significant errors during the probate process.

Any error in the process is a serious issue. Administrators and trustees are agents acting in a fiduciary capacity. This means their actions have to always reflect the best interests of the principal (the person initiating the will or trust). A fiduciary is the highest legal standard and the repercussions for fiduciaries making errors in probate can be severe.

Our attorneys know the process well. If you are serving as a fiduciary, our lawyers can help you handle the administrative details and recognize potential risks and pitfalls to make sure you fulfill your duties appropriately. We can also represent your interests in will disputes, breach of fiduciary claims and other legal disputes that arise.

Representing Potential Beneficiaries

If you are a potential beneficiary, we can help you through the process to make sure you receive what you deserve. If the will administrator makes any errors, we can represent you in a breach of fiduciary duty claim. If you feel like there is something wrong with the will, we can bring a claim that the will is invalid. Our lawyers can represent you through the entire process to make sure your interests are protected.

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