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Advocates For Your Business

At Derryberry & Naifeh, LLP, we understand both the value and costs of litigation: The devastating effect that defending a lawsuit can have on a business’s operations and profits and that sometimes litigation is necessary to enforce contracts or other rights and to protect the future of the business.

Our attorneys draw on more than a century of collective experience and industry know-how when advocating on behalf of clients involved in a broad range of business disagreements. From negotiating contract disputes or battling fraud allegations at trial, we are committed to protecting your rights, protecting your investment and preserving your professional relationships.

If you are pursuing litigation against a party who wronged you, or another party is taking legal action against you, contact our experienced Oklahoma City business litigation lawyers. We represent domestic and international businesses of all sizes in Oklahoma state, federal and appellate courts.

Intelligent And Strategic Conflict Resolution

When your business is involved in a dispute and litigation seems inevitable, the sooner you hire a knowledgeable and experienced attorney, the better your chances will be of obtaining a favorable result. Our law firm offers both plaintiff and defense representation to clients involved in litigation over a wide range of business disputes, including:

  • Contract disputes: Our experience is a tremendous benefit to clients dealing with contract disputes. We know how to find the meaning and obligations in contractual language. Our attorneys will help you get favorable results.
  • Real estate litigation: We have decades of trial experience. Our lawyers take a strategic, aggressive approach to litigation in disputes involving border, land use, landlord-tenant and other real estate disputes.
  • Creditors’ rights/collections: Although the law is generally designed to protect debtors, you have rights as a creditor, as well. Our attorneys can protect those rights and make sure you get the payment you deserve.

We also handle:

  • Dissolutions (“business divorces”)
  • Shareholder/partner disputes
  • Fraud or misrepresentation
  • Trademark infringement
  • Copyright violations
  • Theft of trade secrets or corporate property

We understand the intricate connections between business and other arenas such as government, insurance, taxation and real estate. Our attorneys will listen carefully and communicate openly to fully understand your legal dilemmas. We will build a case strategy that makes sense for your business goals and your bottom line. If litigation becomes necessary, we will vigorously defend your interests — no matter who is on the other side.

Talk To An Experienced Attorney

To discuss your case with one of our skilled attorneys, call 405-528-6569 (866-661-0893 toll free) or contact us online. We look forward to speaking with you.