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Protect Your Career

If allegations of professional misconduct are leveled against you, your reputation, your license to practice and your livelihood are on the line. Whether the accusations involve monetary fraud, sexual misconduct, malpractice or something unrelated to your work — like a DUI — you need an experienced, professional attorney to protect your rights and interests.

Experienced, Highly Regarded Attorneys

Since 1979, Derryberry & Naifeh, LLP, has defended professionals in investigative and formal proceedings in nearly every field of practice, including:

  • Accountant CPA/PA and accountancy firms
  • Alcohol and drug counselors
  • Alcoholic beverage and charity games
  • Allied Health Professionals Occupational Therapists and Assistants (OT & OA), Licensed Dietitians & Assistants (LD & PD)
  • Architects
  • Architectural firms
  • Audiologist/assistant
  • Board of Tests for Alcohol and Drug Influence Operator and Specialist Renewals
  • Chiropractors
  • Home inspectors
  • Insurance producers/agents/adjusters/agencies
  • Interior designers
  • Landscape architects
  • Long-term care administrators
  • Medical professionals
  • Narcotics and dangerous drug control practitioners, animal euthanasia technicians, dog handlers, pharmacies, hospice/home health, clinical detoxification and pharmaceutical distributors
  • Nursing, LPN, RN
  • Osteopathic physicians
  • Perfusionists
  • Pharmacists
  • Professional engineers
  • Professional land surveyors
  • Psychologists
  • Real estate agents AS, BA, BB, BM, BP, BR, BO, CP, PR, PS, AS
  • Social workers
  • Speech pathologist/audiologists
  • Veterinarians’ technicians, faculty, euthanasia technicians (individuals and facilities)
  • Well driller firms and operators

Contact Us As Soon As Possible

A licensing or professional disciplinary matter usually starts with a letter from the state agency that governs your respective area of practice. The way you respond to this letter can have a dramatic effect on your license and your future. The day you receive this letter is the day to contact our firm. Many professionals who undergo this process say they wish they had acted earlier, wish they had taken the letter more seriously or wish they had hired experienced counsel sooner.

The attorneys of Derryberry & Naifeh, LLP, have successfully represented professionals in hundreds of licensing and disciplinary matters. We are known for our creativity, our thoroughness in examining every angle of a case and our attention to detail. We know what professional licensing boards are looking for, and we can help you prepare an intelligent and strategic defense.

Contact Our Oklahoma City Disciplinary Defense Attorneys

When your professional license is in jeopardy, choose your attorney wisely. Call Derryberry & Naifeh, LLP, at 405-528-6569 to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled Oklahoma City professional licensing attorneys.