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Probate administration involves many facets and tasks

Closing an estate in Oklahoma means that a deceased person's final affairs will need to go through legal proceedings. Probate administration is a common process, but it can involve a number of tasks for the executor to handle. Hopefully, the executor willingly took on the role and prepared ahead of time, and one way of doing that is to understand some of the duties that will need carrying out.

Soon after the person's demise, it is important to have all relevant legal documents together. In a best case scenario, the decedent told the executor where information regarding funeral arrangements, the will and other estate planning documents could be found. If the executor does not have this information, finding it can prove tricky, and important tasks will likely face delays.

Another major role that the executor undertakes is the distribution of assets. The person will need to take an inventory of the assets, determine who the named beneficiaries are, contact those beneficiaries and distribute the assets according to any instructions left by the decedent. This part of the process also involves handling any estate taxes that may be due before asset distribution.

There are many aspects to probate administration that may not be easily handled on one's own. Fortunately, there are various professionals, such as financial advisers and asset appraisers, that can help Oklahoma executors ensure that they follow procedures as necessary. For the legal process itself, interested parties may want to consider enlisting the help of experienced probate attorneys who could provide guidance throughout the proceedings.

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