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Estate planning tools can relay wishes not included in a will

The information a person chooses to leave in an estate plan may be minimal or immensely thorough. For those Oklahoma residents who want to make all of their wishes known, there are a number of estate planning tools that can help them do so. Plus, it may make sense to utilize these options to provide information not found in a will.

Many people may have ideas about what types of arrangements they want for their funerals. However, this is not information to leave in a will. The will typically does not get reviewed until after the funeral takes place, which could result in the wishes going unknown until it was too late. Fortunately, parties can create a letter of instruction to be kept separate from the will that can provide this information as well as any other details that may be needed before the reading of the will.

A personal property memorandum can also come in handy as a supplement to a will. Many people feel intimidated by the idea of creating a will because they do not want to have to decide in that moment who should receive certain property. A personal property memorandum can be made after the will and include specific property distribution information. However, individuals should make note in their wills that the memorandums exist.

There are many ways that individuals can make sure that their estate plans reflect the information they want known. Of course, many Oklahoma residents may not be aware of all of the available options. Fortunately, interested parties can consult with estate planning attorneys who can explain these tools and their uses.

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