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Should parents consider "micro" estate planning?

Having concerns about their children's care is common for parents. As a result, many Oklahoma parents have likely already gone through many of the steps associated with estate planning, especially those that involve appointing guardians. However, there may be other aspects that parents have not considered, even when thinking about the possibility of their deaths.

What one author has coined as "micro" estate planning may interest many parents. While estate plans can dictate who should care for children after their parents' deaths, those terms typically do not go into effect -- if ever -- until after some time has passed. Of course, children will still need care in the immediate aftermath of a fatal accident, and some parents may want to consider what would happen to their children in the interim between the accident and the time the terms of the will take hold.

Micro estate planning can come in when parents want to create legal documents regarding who should care for their kids immediately after a sudden accident. In many cases, without instruction, children will go into child protective services until a guardian transfer is made. However, planning to the most minute detail may give parents the ability to ensure that their children are cared for by friends or family every step of the way.

Because "micro" estate planning is not necessarily a legal term, it may not cross the minds of many people to consider. If Oklahoma parents do want to take further steps with their plans in order to ensure the care of their children, they may want to discuss their options with their legal counsel. Experienced attorneys may be able to explain what documents could help make wishes known in regard to such scenarios.

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