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Estate planning may prevent placing caretaker burden on children

The way Oklahoma residents utilize their estate plans can have a major impact on their families. In particular, estate planning can help address how long-term care should be handled in the event that a parent becomes unable to care for him or herself. Without a plan in place, it is becoming more likely that individuals who are nearing or have reached retirement age may end up having to care for an ailing parent.

Strong defense may help woman facing drunk driving charge

Many people who face charges for driving under the influence may think that they have no way of obtaining a good outcome from the situation. However, a court must convict a person for drunk driving, and in order to do so, evidence must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the driver is guilty of the crime. Fortunately, individuals can work to prevent such an outcome by creating and presenting a criminal defense.

Trusts offer various benefits for estate planning

It is important for Oklahoma residents to have their affairs in order before their deaths. If they do not, their surviving family members may end up facing many difficulties as they work to close the estate. Fortunately, estate planning can be immensely useful, and individuals may want to consider trusts as a planning tool.

Multi-car crash leads to drunk driving charge

When a person faces multiple criminal charges for the same offense, it may signify that the individual is suffering from a problem. For instance, multiple charges for drunk driving could point to an alcohol abuse problem. Someone in this type of situation could easily end up facing jail time if convicted of charges, though a rehabilitation program may be better suited to the situation.

Should parents consider "micro" estate planning?

Having concerns about their children's care is common for parents. As a result, many Oklahoma parents have likely already gone through many of the steps associated with estate planning, especially those that involve appointing guardians. However, there may be other aspects that parents have not considered, even when thinking about the possibility of their deaths.

Oklahoma man facing drunk driving charge after crash with police

Incidents involving accusations of driving under the influence are often complicated. In some cases, individuals may have a hard time determining how they would like to address the drunk driving charges brought against them. An important first step to take is to assess the situation and learn more about defense options that could help parties work toward the outcomes they desire.

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