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Fatal crash leads to accusations of drunk driving in Oklahoma

Someone getting behind the wheel after a few drinks is a common occurrence. In some cases, drivers may be able to make it home safely and do not feel as if they operated a vehicle while impaired. However, not everyone is so lucky, and charges for drunk driving could result from serious car accidents.

Estate planning can be useful for addressing future health care

It can be difficult to know what anyone's future could hold. As a result, some Oklahoma residents may simply avoid thinking about it. However, not planning ahead for common or probable situations -- especially those relating to health care -- could leave parties and their families in difficult predicaments. Fortunately, individuals could use estate planning to address possible health-related events.

Probate administration involves many facets and tasks

Closing an estate in Oklahoma means that a deceased person's final affairs will need to go through legal proceedings. Probate administration is a common process, but it can involve a number of tasks for the executor to handle. Hopefully, the executor willingly took on the role and prepared ahead of time, and one way of doing that is to understand some of the duties that will need carrying out.

Driver accused of drunk driving after crash onto Capitol lawn

Many people may find themselves shaking their heads at situations they have ended up in. While they may have some sense of disbelief that the event actually took place, if criminal charges for drunk driving result, they will certainly feel as if they have gotten a reality check. Because charges for DUI are serious and could come with severe consequences if a conviction takes place, it is important that parties understand their defense options.

Estate planning reviews could help prevent errors

When individuals choose to move forward with planning their end-of-life affairs, they give themselves the opportunity to have aspects of their lives in order well before the time is needed. This preparation can prove beneficial in many ways, and estate planning can give Oklahoma residents the ability to address numerous aspects of their lives. Of course, these plans need to be as free from error as possible.

Estate planning can help address end-of-life wishes

When Oklahoma residents think about dying, it may bring about mixed emotions. Some parties may hold a mentality of "when it's time, it's time," and others may want to explore their options for extending their lives as long as possible. Whatever the desire may be, individuals may want to utilize estate planning to address their end-of-life wishes.

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