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Issues with a will could complicate probate administration

There are many ways that individuals could inform their loved ones of their final wishes. However, if Oklahoma residents do not take the proper steps to ensure that their wishes are legally binding, issues could arise during probate administration. In fact, the validity of some wills could come into question, and as a result, legal disputes could take place.

It was recently reported that a dispute has come about in another state involving the nephew of a recently deceased man and the staff members at the decedent's apartment building. Apparently, the man had created a handwritten will that indicated that the doorman of the building was to inherit the man's studio apartment, which was reportedly worth $4.2 million. The man also left $3.2 million in stocks and a bank CD to other members of the building's staff.

The issue relates to the fact that the man's nephew believes that he is the rightful heir of these assets. His attorney presented an argument to the court indicating that the handwritten document did not constitute a valid will in the state, which a judge agreed with in these circumstances. However, the doorman claims that the nephew had little relationship with the decedent, and he stated that he will continue to fight in hopes of having the man's wishes carried out.

Probate administration can become immensely complicated when issues with a will arise. If Oklahoma residents believe that a will does not truly express their loved one's wishes or for some other reason needs re-evaluating, they may need to present their concerns to the court. In some instances, litigation may be necessary to reach a final conclusion, but in any case, speaking with experienced probate attorneys could be helpful in understanding options.

Source:, "Manhattan man leaves fortune to building workers, but nephew says he is rightful heir", Joe Torres, May 9, 2018

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