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Key aspects of administrative suspensions

When drivers make dangerous choices, they could possibly put the lives of those around them at risk. For this reason, the courts are very strict in punishing infractions such as DUIs.

For those drivers who may have made a mistake and seek to protect or regain their driving rights, there are options. In regard to the administrative suspension, there are a few key aspects for drivers to be aware of.

After suspension

Drivers receive an administrative license suspension when they are arrested for a DUI. This suspension restricts leisure driving, but allows drivers to drive for necessary purposes, such as going to work or the grocery store, and of course to court. After receiving the suspension, it is up to the driver to fight it, accept it or seek alternate methods of regaining full driving privileges.

Hearing request 

Those drivers who choose to fight a suspension order must do so during their administrative hearing. To request a hearing, drivers must complete the proper hearing request form and submit it to the court within 10 days of the initial arrest. In order to be successful in the hearing, the driver must show that the arresting officer did something wrong. A knowledgeable attorney can be very beneficial in building a strong case.

DUI conviction

For those drivers who are not able to argue their side successfully and who face a DUI conviction, a license suspension may be inevitable. The courts then require a clinical assessment to determine the drivers' chemical dependency. This may lead to them having to complete substance abuse courses, along with facing other penalties. Certain counties in Oklahoma provide the DUI court program as an alternative to jail time. Whatever route people choose to take, they must meet all requirements before applying for reinstatement of their license.

Because an administrative suspension has many different layers, someone who faces a DUI should make sure to understand his or her rights and the process, to make the best decisions for the situation.

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