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When doctors are arrested for DUI

Anyone charged with driving under the influence will face fines and penalties, including the suspension of driving privileges. If you are licensed as a physician or are going through medical school, and this happens to you, the consequences can be extremely serious.

Your first thought will probably be how to get your driver's license back. Your second thought, hard on the heels of the first, will be how the DUI will affect your future and your career.

License revocation for DUI

In the State of Oklahoma, a first offender charged with DUI could do jail time of from 10 days to one year and pay a fine of up to $1,000. For a suspended driver's license, the revocation period is 180 days. First offenders are also required to participate in substance abuse consultation and assessment. The penalties increase significantly for a second or third DUI offense and license revocation lasts for years rather than days.

The other license problem

If you are a doctor arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, a one-time, first-offender DUI conviction will probably not affect your medical license, or your ability to qualify for one if you are still in medical school. However, you should not push it with repeat instances of DUI. In order to keep your medical license, the medical board could order an evaluation, and substance abuse therapy might be recommended. You may want to take the initiative here. The Oklahoma Health Professionals Program, Inc., has been in operation since 1983. It provides help for doctors and other health care professionals who are having trouble with dependency on alcohol or drugs.

Seeking legal help

As a doctor, you prescribe controlled substances. You know the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Your DUI charge may be just a one-time occurrence, or it could be a sign of things to come. You do not want to risk your career or your professional reputation. An attorney experienced with DUI cases like yours can offer skilled legal representation, help with driver's license reinstatement, and even assist in the event you must plead your case before a professional board. The object is to help you get your life and career back in order as soon as possible.

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