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3 ways to avoid a DUI this basketball season

The start of NBA season means watching the Thunder and getting drinks. Whether you're watching live at Chesapeake Energy Arena or meeting up with friends at a bar, sporting events equals drinking events. And when you're working 40 plus hours a week, you deserve to unwind.

If you get a DUI on your drive home, though, that pretty much guarantees the opposite effect. More headaches, less money. More stress, less fun. DUI convictions in Oklahoma carry serious consequences like jail time, fines and losing your license. Make your life easier. Don't get a DUI.

1. Did you drink? Then don't drive.

This is the only failsafe way to not get a DUI. Rather than trying to adhere to some complex calculations about how many drinks per hour you can have depending on your body mass index, just call a cab. Live within the public transportation route? EMBARK it home then. Or think ahead. Work out a designated driver system with guys you can actually rely on to stick to the plan. If all else fails, there are about 25 hotels nearby. Sleep at one of them. Best money you'll ever spend.

2. Eat.

Can't remember if you skipped lunch because of that noontime meeting? Eat. Think you're going to be out for a few hours drinking? Eat. Order a basket of wings. Then some nachos. How about a burger? Just keep eating. This is a good rule for many reasons (not even counting the fact that rules involving nachos are always good). It ensures your stomach has something in it to absorb the alcohol. It also keeps your mouth occupied so you don't just pour drinks in it all night. The fuller you get, the less room you'll have for drinks (in theory). And when you're done drinking, eat some more. Just to be extra safe.

3. Didn't follow rules 1 and 2? Call a lawyer.

A DUI charge doesn't necessarily mean a DUI conviction. You have rights, and there are rules that police must follow when it comes to traffic stops, administering breathalyzer tests, and so on. Maybe they didn't follow them. Good attorneys know how to investigate, find loopholes and explore penalty alternatives so that your life isn't turned upside down because you made a mistake.

A DUI will wreak havoc on your life. Missing the rest of the Thunder games will be the least of your concerns if you've lost your license or you're sitting jail. Do what you need to do to avoid a DUI.

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