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Addressing the risk of dementia within estate planning

Any Oklahoma resident who has helped care for a loved one who suffers from dementia knows how heartbreaking it is to watch a family member lose his or her grip on reality. Dementia affects many older people, and it places a huge burden on their extended family. When it comes to estate planning, many people want to devise protections against the risk of dementia but are unaware of their options. The following information focuses on how to best safeguard an IRA from dementia-related loss.

Estate planning changes and continuations for the coming year

As the New Year approaches, there are some changes that can impact the estate plans of certain Oklahoma residents. The beginning of the year is always a good time to make a quick review of one's existing estate planning package and to check for any items that need adjustment. If any of the following scenarios is applicable, it might be time to give a plan a closer look.

Millennials can begin with a basic estate plan

Young people are in the very beginning stages of their adult lives and are presented with so many choices and opportunities. In the first few years of adulthood, very few people take the time to consider their estate planning needs. No one in Oklahoma wants to think about their own death or incapacitation, especially those who are just entering the world of adult life. That said, everyone has the need to create a basic estate plan, even the very youngest adults.

Estate planning documents can now be safely stored online

When an Oklahoma loved one dies, the surviving family members naturally face a difficult time. Along with making end-of-life arrangements, surviving family members typically have to establish where the deceased person stored important estate planning documents. While some leave clear directives for spouses or children about their end-of-life wishes, others may have had secret locations in which wills, testaments and other related documents were stored.

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