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Is it possible to have a DUI charge reduced?

One night out in Oklahoma City drinking with your friends turned into you receiving a DUI charge. The consequences if convicted include a criminal record, jail sentence, restitution and revoked driving privileges. There are also the lingering effects it can have on your career, housing choices and life. One question that you might have is if DUI charges can be reduced. It may be possible to have your charge reduced or dismissed, but your outcome depends on the evidence and other factors. 

How can a DUI charge affect my job?

If you are dealing with a DUI charge in Oklahoma City, the last thing that might cross your mind is its effects on your career. You may believe the charge is not an actual conviction and you have nothing to worry about because your employer will never find out about it. However, it is possible for your employer to learn about your situation even if you do not tell them.

The Oklahoma DUI process

Driving under the influence is a serious offense that can lead to injury and possibly death. Therefore, the courts treat it severely, and so should anyone facing DUI charges.

DUI impact on employment

Driving under the influence is a serious offense, and the courts treat it as such. If you or a loved one faces a DUI charge, it could come with serious consequences outside of fees and possible jail time.

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