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Oklahoma man charged with drunk driving, child endangerment

The effects of an alcohol problem can be frightening. Individuals may put themselves and their loved ones in danger due to the control an alcohol abuse problem can have over their lives. Unfortunately, serious accidents and criminal charges can result from drunk driving, and parties may need important information to get the help they need.

Fatal crash leads to accusations of drunk driving in Oklahoma

Someone getting behind the wheel after a few drinks is a common occurrence. In some cases, drivers may be able to make it home safely and do not feel as if they operated a vehicle while impaired. However, not everyone is so lucky, and charges for drunk driving could result from serious car accidents.

Driver accused of drunk driving after crash onto Capitol lawn

Many people may find themselves shaking their heads at situations they have ended up in. While they may have some sense of disbelief that the event actually took place, if criminal charges for drunk driving result, they will certainly feel as if they have gotten a reality check. Because charges for DUI are serious and could come with severe consequences if a conviction takes place, it is important that parties understand their defense options.

Charges of drunk driving, assault leveled against Oklahoma man

Most people have found themselves in situations that seem to go from bad to worse. In cases where individuals are accused of a crime, this type of predicament could easily get worse depending on how the issues are handled. Unfortunately, when people are accused of drunk driving, they may end up facing additional charges as well.

Drunk driving allegations need serious attention

There are many ways that a person could choose to address DUI charges. Depending on the specific circumstances of an arrest, the accused party may have a variety of defense strategies available. Of course, it can be difficult to determine how to implement the right tactics to work toward creating a meaningful defense against drunk driving allegations.

Oklahoma man charged with drunk driving after collision

In the moments after a car accident or other difficult event, individuals may act without thinking due to the shock that they experienced. The situation may become even more daunting if authorities charge a person with drunk driving. Soon, the accused individual may be facing a considerable amount of stress when working to deal with the allegations.

Accident in Oklahoma leads to drunk driving arrest

When a car accident looks suspicious, authorities may start to think that impairment was a possible factor. Of course, law enforcement officers need probable cause before they can arrest a person for drunk driving. Nonetheless, individuals could easily wind up in this type of situation, and they may need help when it comes to dealing with criminal charges.

Drunk driving charges leveled against injured Oklahoma driver

When dealing with accusations of driving under the influence of alcohol, a case can seem overwhelming. Though charges for drunk driving are not uncommon, each case is different. Rather than feeling out of hope, individuals may wish to remember that information on their legal options is available.

Oklahoma man accused of drunk driving after officers receive tip

Making the mistake of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is something that numerous people go through. Often, this type of incident results in parties facing charges for drunk driving. The penalties for such an allegation can range in severity, depending on various factors relating to a specific arrest, but in any case, an individual has the right to defend against charges.

Young woman facing drunk driving charge in Oklahoma

At one point or another, most people find themselves in some sort of trouble. This type of predicament may be minor for some, but others could end up facing criminal charges. If an individual is suspected of consuming alcohol and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, there is a chance that drunk driving charges could be brought against that person. This type of legal scenario is serious but not impossible to handle.

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