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Woman charged with drunk driving for 4th time

Making changes in one's life can sometimes prove difficult. Even if a person wants to improve or break bad habits, he or she may not have the ability to do so alone. In many cases, individuals with alcohol abuse problems face this scenario, and they may have multiple charges for drunk driving brought against them before they seek the help they need.

Man charged with drunk driving after truck crashes through fence

When a lapse in judgment leads to criminal charges, a person could have to utilize a lot of time and effort to address the situation. One common incident that leads to this type of predicament is when an individual consumes alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Often, drivers can end up stopped by police or involved in an accident that results in them facing charges for drunk driving.

Remaining silent may help when facing drunk driving charges

When individuals are facing potential legal action, especially an arrest, it is often wise to exercise their right to remain silent. Of course, it can be difficult to know the best way to handle such a situation due to to the stress of the moment. Still, even if a person accused of drunk driving does not remain silent, he or she could build a meaningful defense, nonetheless.

Man hits wife with car, faces drunk driving charge

While accidents are sometimes unavoidable, some incidents may warrant a closer look. If authorities believe that criminal activity was involved in an event, it is likely that a person could end up facing charges. In particular, allegations for drunk driving may come about if police suspect alcohol involvement in an injury-causing incident.

Man may face formal drunk driving charges after crash

Car crashes often lead to serious injuries. While this is certainly an unfortunate outcome, some parties may also have to deal with other serious results, like criminal charges for drunk driving. If authorities suspect that alcohol played a role in a crash, the accused driver could quickly need information on his or her legal options.

Drunk driving charge leveled against motorcyclist after crash

There are many ways that a person could choose to handle criminal charges. The route chosen often depends on the person accused, the exact charges and the options available. Some individuals may opt for plea bargains if possible, and others may want to fight against allegations as best as they can. When it comes to drunk driving charges, each person faces a unique predicament.

Strong defense may help woman facing drunk driving charge

Many people who face charges for driving under the influence may think that they have no way of obtaining a good outcome from the situation. However, a court must convict a person for drunk driving, and in order to do so, evidence must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the driver is guilty of the crime. Fortunately, individuals can work to prevent such an outcome by creating and presenting a criminal defense.

Multi-car crash leads to drunk driving charge

When a person faces multiple criminal charges for the same offense, it may signify that the individual is suffering from a problem. For instance, multiple charges for drunk driving could point to an alcohol abuse problem. Someone in this type of situation could easily end up facing jail time if convicted of charges, though a rehabilitation program may be better suited to the situation.

Oklahoma man facing drunk driving charge after crash with police

Incidents involving accusations of driving under the influence are often complicated. In some cases, individuals may have a hard time determining how they would like to address the drunk driving charges brought against them. An important first step to take is to assess the situation and learn more about defense options that could help parties work toward the outcomes they desire.

Crash leads to drunk driving, murder charges in Oklahoma

Because there are many different aspects to consider when facing a serious legal issue, it is easy for individuals to feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are legal resources that can help people accused of drunk driving and other violations understand their cases. When the circumstances surrounding the incident that lead to charges has serious elements, such as a fatality, it can be immensely important to have the right information.

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