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Fighting To Protect Your Driving Privileges In DUI

Of the many consequences of being pulled over for drunk driving, one of the most significant is losing your driving privileges.

If you have been pulled over for DUI, you need to act fast to avoid losing your driver’s license. Talk with an experienced lawyer who can help you through the administrative process of driver’s license defense.

At Derryberry & Naifeh, LLP, attorneys from our firm have been serving clients throughout the Oklahoma City area in DUI defense and other legal matters since our firm was founded in 1979. We have a wealth of experience with the administrative process of protecting clients’ driving privileges in conjunction with DUI cases.

The Administrative Driver’s License Defense Process

The legal process is complicated and filled with potential pitfalls. Our attorneys can help you through the process.

  • Petition for a hearing: After a stop for DUI, you will have only 15 days to request a hearing to keep your driver’s license. If you fail to file your petition within that time, your license will be automatically suspended.
  • Administrative hearing: If the petition is accepted, the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety will hold a hearing to determine whether you will be allowed to retain your driving privileges. Our lawyers can represent you in the hearing to make sure your case is well presented and to give you the best chance possible to retain your license.
  • Appeals: We can seek an appeal to a higher court if the administrative agency revokes your driving privileges.

Our lawyers know how to handle the administrative process. We will walk you through every step and protect your rights.

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