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Addressing a parent's debt during probate administration

Debt issues can prove difficult to handle. When an Oklahoma parent dies and an adult child is left to handle the remaining estate, dealing with the parent's debt may seem intimidating. During probate administration, addressing outstanding balances does need to take place, and individuals in charge of this task may need to pay close attention.

Conflict with stepparents may impact probate administration

It is not unusual for surviving family members to find issues with a deceased loved one's remaining affairs. Though some problems may be easily resolved, other conflicts could bring probate administration to a standstill until litigation or other legal proceedings have rectified the issue. In many instances, disagreements between family members can have this type of effect.

Handling debts can be confusing part of probate administration

The passing of a loved one can leave not only considerable grief but also much unfinished business. In most cases, that business is addressed during probate administration proceedings, and the executor carries out necessary duties. While the executor is not personally responsible for handling debts and other financial obligations of the estate, questions about those issues may come about.

Issues put probate administration on hold for Manson estate

When questions exist regarding who should handle an estate, many complications can arise. Probate administration must be put on hold until the questions and complications are handled, and that can take a considerable amount of time in some cases. Oklahoma residents may be interested in this type of issue currently taking place in regard to Charles Manson's estate.

Probate administration does not have to seem impossible

After the death of a family member, it is not unusual for Oklahoma residents to have questions regarding how they should address the decedent's remaining assets. In many cases, those assets will need to go through probate administration in order to ensure that the correct parties receive the appropriate assets and to make sure that any creditors and debts are paid as applicable. Of course, many people may find the idea of probate confusing.

Probate administration concerns may lead to litigation

Most people want the best for their loved ones. After a family member passes, many Oklahoma residents want to continue to do right by that person by ensuring that the remaining estate is well looked after. However, some parties may take issue with certain probate administration actions carried out by trustees or personal representatives, and as a result, conflict could arise.

How can an attorney help with probate administration?

When loved ones die, it is not uncommon for Oklahoma family members or friends to discover they have been named estate executors. As personal representatives of an estate, they often have a long list of probate administration responsibilities that they are legally bound to complete with the utmost care. Failing to do so may result in facing personal conflict with the beneficiaries of the estate or even legal and financial issues with the probate court, the IRS or other creditors of the deceased. This is why many seek the assistance of a probate attorney.

Probate administration begins with a will

Those designated to be the personal representatives of estates should be prepared to devote many months to the process. Probate administration is typically uneventful, but there is always the possibility that an unforeseen event will throw the process into a tailspin. The potential for delays and disputes may appear early in the process, and executors of estates in Oklahoma may find it helpful to understand how the process begins.

Probate administration takes its own sweet time

For some people in Oklahoma, their only experience with probate happens when someone close to them dies. In those instances, the heirs and benefactors may be shocked to learn how long it takes to complete probate administration, which is the legal procedure for validating a will and distributing its assets. Even a simple estate with few assets and limited heirs may take eight months or more before all aspects of probate are finished. However, there are certain factors that can tie up the process indefinitely.

Sentimental items may stall probate administration

When a loved one dies, surviving family members may feel fortunate to inherit his or her real estate, bank accounts and other valuable assets. However, for Oklahoma families where more value was placed on relationships and tradition, those inheritances may be secondary to the sentimental items that may not even be mentioned in a will. In these circumstances, it may be necessary to carefully guard the estate during probate administration.

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