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Family should know where to find estate planning documents

Once the time has come to create an estate plan, Oklahoma residents may need to keep various pieces of information in mind. Estate planning can involve leaving instructions for many areas of a person's life, and in order to ensure that a plan covers all desired areas, carefully reviewing planning options and personal details may prove useful. Therefore, individuals may want to ask themselves certain questions to keep their plans on track.

Estate planning can go beyond a simple will

A will can play a major part in an Oklahoma resident's estate plan. However, estate planning can, and often should, go far beyond simply utilizing a will to express final wishes. There are many aspects of life and death that a comprehensive plan could cover, and simply relying on a will may be a mistake.

Estate planning could be a gift that keeps giving in Oklahoma

When people think of gestures of love and ways to let spouses or children know that they are cared for, creating an estate plan may not cross their minds as this type of action. However, estate planning could be viewed as a gift as it can address many factors of a person's life and estate that could work toward avoiding difficulties for surviving loved ones. Because it is unlikely that Oklahoma residents want to leave their family with a mess of an estate to sort through, a solid plan could be a loving gift.

Addressing digital assets during estate planning may be wise

In more recent years, most people have become accustomed to sharing various aspects of their lives online. Whether they are posting photos on social media, sending emails or dealing with online banking, much of life now takes place on the web. Because of this development, some Oklahoma residents may have concerns regarding how these accounts and assets will be addressed after their deaths. Luckily, estate planning may be able to help.

Estate planning can help with long-term care planning

Dealing with the costs of long-term care can hit many Oklahoma residents and their families hard. Some individuals may think that they have completed their estate planning once they have a will and possibly some other applicable documents in place, but they may not have considered using an estate plan to address potential long-term care needs. Some parties may think that they will not need such care or that they will be able to afford it easily, but that may not be the case.

Tax law changes may impact Oklahoma estate planning

It is not unusual for taxes to be a subject that causes many Oklahoma residents and others across the country to grumble. Paying taxes is hardly considered a desirable action by most individuals, but it is an action that must be carried out nonetheless. When it comes to estate planning, paying attention to tax implications may prove useful.

Estate planning may help Oklahoma residents start the new year

Many people treat the beginning of a new year as a time for change and reflection. Numerous Oklahoma residents may have made resolutions to better themselves or their lives in some way. For many individuals, estate planning or updating existing plans may be worth considering as they move into a new era of their lives.

Oklahoma residents may wonder about their estate planning needs

When Oklahoma residents decide to get their end-of-life affairs in order, they should feel a sense of accomplishment. Just choosing to move forward with estate planning is a significant step, and actually creating a plan can have many benefits. Of course, in order to create an extensive estate plan, some individuals may need more documents than they realized.

Periodic estate planning review keeps things up to date

Planning ahead is often the best way to avoid problems. People who plan ahead are known to save time and money as well as have more opportunities than those who play it by ear or make it up as they go along. When it comes to estate planning, making those preparations early in life can have many advantages, such as allowing one to build a substantial estate for one's heirs. However, there are likely to be events in life that will require alterations to one's will or other documents.

Charles Manson's wills raise estate planning questions

Even those in Oklahoma who were not yet born at the time of the gruesome murders attributed to the Manson family likely recognize the name Charles Manson and his distinctive face with the swastika tattoo on his forehead. Manson had spent the last 48 years in prison in another state following a killing spree that left nine people dead. His recent death at the age of 83 has left some questions about the estate planning of the convicted murderer.

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