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Couple accused of drunk driving with children in car

In Oklahoma and in other states, the protection of children in motor vehicles is of primary concern to law enforcement. This is why anyone suspected of drunk driving may face even harsher penalties if convicted of doing so with a child in the car. One couple is facing such possibilities following a recent traffic incident.

Oklahoma man's drunk driving trial begins soon

An Oklahoma man with a criminal past is now facing an uncertain future. The 38-year-old man is accused of causing a fatal drunk driving accident in 2014 and is awaiting his trial, which is likely to start this week. Although the accident was horrific and tragic, everyone accused of a crime is entitled to a fair trial and the right to question the evidence presented by the prosecution.

Woman with previous record arrested for drunk driving

With the increase in accidents and fatalities involving drugs and alcohol, police are on the alert for drivers showing signs of impairment. A driver accused of operating a vehicle under the influence may face an uncertain future, especially if he or she already has a record of similar offenses. Recently, an Oklahoma woman with a record of numerous convictions for drunk driving was arrested and charged with the same offense.

Woman charged with drunk driving after vehicle hits tree

Driving in Oklahoma is often treacherous, whether it is in the heavy traffic of big cities or the rural highways where wildlife may appear at any moment. To have an accident is stressful enough, especially when children are in the vehicle. However, when police charge the driver with drunk driving, the driver's life may be put on hold indefinitely.

Woman charged with drunk driving after fatal accident

Few people disagree that driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous. Too many studies and personal experiences demonstrate the dangers of drunk driving. When alcohol is believed to be a factor in a fatal accident, the accused driver may face a future of uncertainty. One Oklahoma woman is currently in jail after her recent arrest related to a fatal accident last December.

Oklahoma police patrol for drunk driving over holiday

At this time of year, many in Oklahoma look back and wonder where the summer went. Schools will be back in session soon, and weather will begin to turn cooler. Whether a college student, parent or teacher, some may be grasping for the last moments of carefree summer days. However, law enforcement in Oklahoma advises people to exercise good sense when attending those end-of-season celebrations, especially when alcohol is involved. This typically involves planning ahead by assigning designated drivers or other alternatives to drunk driving.

Woman suspected of drunk driving had children in the car

It is not uncommon for police in Oklahoma to stop a vehicle for a minor infraction only to discover more serious issues inside the vehicle. When this happens, the driver of the vehicle may risk arrest by not understanding his or her rights and the limitations and boundaries of law enforcement. Instead of receiving a citation for a faulty headlight, the driver may end up in jail facing serious charges like drunk driving.

Man faces drunk driving charges after single vehicle accident

Accidents involving alcohol have the potential to cause devastating injuries. Because of this, Oklahoma law enforcement and safety advocacy groups work hard to promote sober driving habits. A driver who is believed to be under the influence faces serious penalties if a court finds him or her guilty of drunk driving. One man is currently facing such a situation following a recent single vehicle accident.

Police on the lookout for drunk driving July 4

Fourth of July celebrations are often the highlight of summer for many in Oklahoma. Picnics, parades and fireworks are favorite ways to celebrate Independence Day with friends and family. Often, those celebrations include alcoholic beverages to lighten the mood and heighten the festive atmosphere. However, those festive feelings can dissipate quickly when a driver is pulled over for drunk driving.

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