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Using estate planning to keep legacies alive

Many people want to make names for themselves or at least be remembered in someway. Some individuals choose to let their families act as their lasting legacies, but others may want to take a different approach. Fortunately, Oklahoma residents could use estate planning to create the legacies they choose.

There are a number of ways that individuals could use their plans to carry out this wish. For instance, a person could create a charitable trust that sets aside money for charitable organizations. The funds in the trust can be earmarked for one or more charities and can be distributed in accordance with the individual's wishes. By planning early, parties may have a better idea of what charities they would like to support even after they are gone and how to go about doing so effectively.

Additionally, individuals could set up a family foundation for a specific cause or causes. Planning ahead for this avenue is often wise because it allows family members to better understand the person's wishes and how the surviving loved ones may play a role in the foundation. Starting early is also useful because setting up a family foundation can have its complexities.

Many people enjoy contributing to charities or making similar contributions during their lives. It may come as some comfort to know that these contributions can continue long after a person has passed if the right steps are taken ahead of time. Oklahoma residents interested in such efforts may want to gain more information on how estate planning can help them keep their legacies alive.

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