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Strong defense may help woman facing drunk driving charge

Many people who face charges for driving under the influence may think that they have no way of obtaining a good outcome from the situation. However, a court must convict a person for drunk driving, and in order to do so, evidence must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the driver is guilty of the crime. Fortunately, individuals can work to prevent such an outcome by creating and presenting a criminal defense.

One woman in Oklahoma may find it in her best interests to consider her defense options. Reports stated that she was allegedly driving a vehicle when she drove onto Highway 75, traveling south in the northbound lanes. A semi-truck driver attempted to get out of the way, but the truck hit the car, causing the car to collide with a cable barrier. Another vehicle then hit the woman's disabled car.

It was not mentioned whether the accident resulted in any injuries. The woman driving the wrong-way vehicle was taken into custody, as authorities suspected that alcohol played a role in the incident. It was not mentioned whether any breath or blood tests were administered to determine blood alcohol concentration level.

Allegations of drunk driving can lead to various consequences, ranging from driver's license suspension to jail time. The woman accused in this Oklahoma incident undoubtedly wants to avoid any serious sentencing coming against her, and with a meaningful defense, she may be able to do so. Understanding her legal options and the details of her case may allow her to feel more confident as her case moves forward.

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