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Conflict can arise during probate administration without a will

Most people want the passing of a loved one to go as easily as possible, including the necessary steps involved with closing the remaining estate. Probate administration can be a complex affair, and many Oklahoma residents hope that their loved ones left them instructions in the form of a will or other estate planning documents. Of course, not everyone feels ready to jump on the planning train.

Some people may not think that they need a will because they do not have substantial assets. However, any adult can benefit from having a will. This document prevents state law from taking over when it comes to asset distribution. If no planning documents exist, then the assets will be distributed through intestate laws.

With intestate laws, the closest next of kin generally receive the majority of the assets. While this may seem fine, it may also mean that an estranged family member could end up with property that the deceased would not have wanted to give that person. Unfortunately, this type of issue and many others could arise due to a lack of estate plan. As a result, surviving family may also end up in court trying to work through disputes that could come about.

In cases where probate administration must follow Oklahoma state laws rather than an estate plan, a personal representative will be appointed to handle the legal proceedings. This person will hold a great deal of responsibility and may feel overwhelmed by the process at times. Fortunately, attorneys can help individuals in this position make sure that they understand their duties and how to handle any conflicts that may arise.

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