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Adult children may need to talk to parents about estate planning

As many Oklahoma children grew into adults, they may have taken on many responsibilities. However, they may not have realized that it may be their responsibility to get their parents to begin estate planning. They may have thought that their parents would begin planning on their own, but if they do not, kids may have to take charge.

It may seem intimidating, or some adult children may not think it is their place to have such discussions with their parents. However, they may face greater regret if an emergency or fatal situation arises and those children are left feeling lost as to what to do. They may also want to remember that every decision does not have to be made in one sitting. Simply bringing up the topic for a single conversation is a good starting point as long as follow up comes later.

It may also help to make sure that parents know that the intention to have the discussion is genuine and not an attempt to pry into the parents' business. Some parents may feel thrown off when a child wants to discuss personal finances, but knowing financial information can help get affairs in order. It will likely also not be wise to try to avoid serious topics like funeral arrangements because that information also needs disclosing.

Because estate planning has many benefits and surviving loved ones do not want to find themselves in overly difficult situations, it may be wise to bring up this topic with parents. Some adult children may be surprised to learn that their parents already have plans or, on the other hand, have not even considered planning before. It may also help to obtain reliable information from local Oklahoma legal resources about planning to help parents understand their options.

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