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Conflict can arise during probate administration without a will

Most people want the passing of a loved one to go as easily as possible, including the necessary steps involved with closing the remaining estate. Probate administration can be a complex affair, and many Oklahoma residents hope that their loved ones left them instructions in the form of a will or other estate planning documents. Of course, not everyone feels ready to jump on the planning train.

Crash leads to drunk driving, murder charges in Oklahoma

Because there are many different aspects to consider when facing a serious legal issue, it is easy for individuals to feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are legal resources that can help people accused of drunk driving and other violations understand their cases. When the circumstances surrounding the incident that lead to charges has serious elements, such as a fatality, it can be immensely important to have the right information.

Many people may be needed to complete probate administration

After a loved one dies, there are often many people who need to step forward and take on certain responsibilities. Hopefully, the deceased will have utilized an estate plan in order to make the probate administration process somewhat easier for their Oklahoma relatives. However, issues can still arise among those who have been appointed to certain positions.

Adult children may need to talk to parents about estate planning

As many Oklahoma children grew into adults, they may have taken on many responsibilities. However, they may not have realized that it may be their responsibility to get their parents to begin estate planning. They may have thought that their parents would begin planning on their own, but if they do not, kids may have to take charge.

Oklahoma man charged with drunk driving, child endangerment

The effects of an alcohol problem can be frightening. Individuals may put themselves and their loved ones in danger due to the control an alcohol abuse problem can have over their lives. Unfortunately, serious accidents and criminal charges can result from drunk driving, and parties may need important information to get the help they need.

Estate planning misconceptions shouldn't delay planning

Misconceptions can often keep Oklahoma residents from taking certain actions. In particular, many people may believe that they should put off estate planning because they do not need it or are not ready to get their affairs in order. However, anyone of adult age could benefit from having an estate plan, and clearing up other misconceptions may help.

Listing assets and debts may help when beginning estate planning

Everyone's life has many aspects to it. Because of the numerous factors and details that make up a person's life, it can seem difficult to get affairs in order for end-of-life wishes. If Oklahoma residents are thinking about starting the estate planning process, they may want to consider taking certain steps to help get the process going.

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