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Estate planning can help address end-of-life wishes

When Oklahoma residents think about dying, it may bring about mixed emotions. Some parties may hold a mentality of "when it's time, it's time," and others may want to explore their options for extending their lives as long as possible. Whatever the desire may be, individuals may want to utilize estate planning to address their end-of-life wishes.

One aspect that parties may want to consider relates to where they will receive medical or palliative care. Reports stated that 90 percent of individuals using Medicare want to stay at home to receive their end-of-life care. However, only about 30 percent of those individuals actually end up in this type of situation. If staying at home is what people truly want, they may want to ensure that those wishes are known, and if this situation is not feasible, they may want to plan ahead for other arrangements with which they would feel comfortable.

It can also be useful for those going through the planning process to consider the type of care they would want and when extending a life may be warranted. Some parties may value their quality of life more highly than simply staying alive without the ability to truly live. Other individuals may want every action possible taken to help extend their lives. Because views on these options differ, parties may want to ensure that they detail their wishes for care.

Considering the need for care, medical decisions made by others and more aspects relating to end-of-life wishes can feel heavy. However, Oklahoma residents may feel a bit of lightness after they complete their plans and know that their wishes are known and legally binding. Parties who are ready to move forward with the estate planning process may want to explore their options.

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