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Estate planning can be useful for addressing future health care

It can be difficult to know what anyone's future could hold. As a result, some Oklahoma residents may simply avoid thinking about it. However, not planning ahead for common or probable situations -- especially those relating to health care -- could leave parties and their families in difficult predicaments. Fortunately, individuals could use estate planning to address possible health-related events.

The two most commonly used documents relating to future care planning are the living will and the durable power of attorney for health care. Some individuals may choose to utilize one or both of these documents as part of their estate plans. It is important to note that a living will differs from a standard will in that the living will indicates how a person wants medical professionals to act in the event of an incapacitating or potentially terminal scenario and other health care related aspects.

The power of attorney also allows individuals to address their future care, but instead of directing medical professionals on how to act, this document appoints an agent to make necessary decisions on behalf of the incapacitated party. This document also has a broader scope in terms of its use as the agent can act when any type of incapacitation occurs and not just at specified times. Some parties may consider the power of attorney document more necessary than a living will.

Estate planning is a personal experience for everyone, and therefore, the documents one person chooses to use may not be the same as someone else's plan. In order to determine what tools may allow them to create the most comprehensive plans, Oklahoma residents may want to fully explore their planning options. If they would like assistance in this endeavor, experienced legal professionals are available.

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