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Driver accused of drunk driving after crash onto Capitol lawn

Many people may find themselves shaking their heads at situations they have ended up in. While they may have some sense of disbelief that the event actually took place, if criminal charges for drunk driving result, they will certainly feel as if they have gotten a reality check. Because charges for DUI are serious and could come with severe consequences if a conviction takes place, it is important that parties understand their defense options.

One way in which individuals could gain reliable information is to explore their local legal resources. One person in Oklahoma City may choose to take such action after a vehicle failed to remain on the road. Reports stated that the vehicle left the roadway, drove over a curb and traveled through the grass on the grounds of the state Capitol. 

A photo from the scene shows a long skid mark marring the grass, but other than that, it did not appear that any significant damage resulted from the incident. It was unclear what caused authorities to come to this conclusion, but police apparently thought that the driver was under the influence. As a result, he or she was taken into custody for DUI. Information regarding the identity of the driver was not provided.

Drunk driving is a serious offense even if the charge is deemed a misdemeanor. Therefore, it is important for individuals in Oklahoma City to understand how the outcomes of their cases could affect them if they have had such allegations brought against them. Speaking with experienced criminal defense attorneys could help accused parties understand the charges as well as their defense options.

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