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Did the car left on the tracks belong to a drunk driver?

In a way, it was funny. Recently, people in downtown Oklahoma City noticed a white sedan parked at a jaunty angle on top of the streetcar tracks that are currently under construction.

The driver was nowhere to be seen and the car remained in the middle of the construction zone for hours. Was alcohol a factor?

Under cover of darkness

The people who saw the parked car assumed it had been there overnight. Because there are several bars in the vicinity, the driver who got stuck on the tracks may have been drunk when the incident occurred, and just walked—or staggered—away. He or she may have been aware of the state laws concerning drunk driving. For example, if law enforcement had come along and arrested the driver on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, the DUI charge alone would be sufficient for immediate driver’s license suspension. A conviction would not be necessary.


A conviction for DUI will have consequences such as hefty fines, points added to a person's driving record and even the possibility of jail time. However, the repercussions extend like ripples into the future. That mark on a driving record may make it difficult for someone to gain admission to the graduate school or to secure the kind of employment he or she wants. Today it is common for both employers and college admission officials to perform background checks, which includes reviewing an applicant's driving record.

Remaining alert

David Todd, the MAPS program manager, seemed unfazed by the parked car, saying that in the past 18 months there had been a dozen similar incidents, even though the streetcar construction zones are well marked. Todd cautioned motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to be aware of their surroundings and “try to watch what they’re doing.” 

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