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Probate administration can be daunting for executors

Because there are so many facets to closing an estate, the person in charge of handling these tasks needs to have certain qualities. Probate administration can take a considerable amount of time, and many important decisions and actions must be carried out. Fortunately, individuals who carefully consider their estate plan can take the time to appoint a person well fit for the position of executor.

When considering their options, Oklahoma residents may want to determine who has the financial knowledge, sense of responsibility and willingness to take on such a role. Additionally, it may help the proceedings go more smoothly if a person already acquainted with the estate is chosen to oversee the final actions taken to settle it. If parties feel that more than one person should share the role, it is possible to appoint multiple individuals to complete probate.

When it comes to probate, the executor will need to inventory assets, submit the will to the court for validation and handle final tax obligations, for example. He or she will also have the responsibility of addressing any disputes that may arise during the probate process. Because completion of the legal process could take years, it is important that an appointed person feels ready to give his or her time and effort.

Of course, even if a person felt ready and willing to take on the role of executor when asked, actually going through probate administration can be overwhelming. If individuals in Oklahoma have been appointed executors and are feeling challenged, they may wish to gain assistance. Experienced attorneys could help people in this position better understand the actions they need to take as well as their options for handling disputes.

Source: Forbes, "Choosing An Executor For Your Estate", Rob Clarfeld, May 16, 2018

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