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Charges of drunk driving, assault leveled against Oklahoma man

Most people have found themselves in situations that seem to go from bad to worse. In cases where individuals are accused of a crime, this type of predicament could easily get worse depending on how the issues are handled. Unfortunately, when people are accused of drunk driving, they may end up facing additional charges as well.

When estate planning, consider implications of inheritances

Creating an estate plan can be complex. There are many aspects and factors to consider beyond simply deciding who should receive certain property. Oklahoma residents also need to consider how their estate planning decisions could impact their surviving loved ones, especially those who may need government benefits in the future.

Probate administration can be daunting for executors

Because there are so many facets to closing an estate, the person in charge of handling these tasks needs to have certain qualities. Probate administration can take a considerable amount of time, and many important decisions and actions must be carried out. Fortunately, individuals who carefully consider their estate plan can take the time to appoint a person well fit for the position of executor.

Issues with a will could complicate probate administration

There are many ways that individuals could inform their loved ones of their final wishes. However, if Oklahoma residents do not take the proper steps to ensure that their wishes are legally binding, issues could arise during probate administration. In fact, the validity of some wills could come into question, and as a result, legal disputes could take place.

Drunk driving allegations need serious attention

There are many ways that a person could choose to address DUI charges. Depending on the specific circumstances of an arrest, the accused party may have a variety of defense strategies available. Of course, it can be difficult to determine how to implement the right tactics to work toward creating a meaningful defense against drunk driving allegations.

Estate planning in Oklahoma: Turning down an inheritance

Those who go through the procedure of fashioning comprehensive estate plans should know that leaving an inheritance to someone doesn't automatically mean the person will accept it. Although it may be graciously appreciated, there are times when estate planning wishes don't exactly pan out the way the writer believed they would. In some cases, there may be valid reasons in Oklahoma why someone may choose not to take a specific inheritance. 

Oklahoma man charged with drunk driving after collision

In the moments after a car accident or other difficult event, individuals may act without thinking due to the shock that they experienced. The situation may become even more daunting if authorities charge a person with drunk driving. Soon, the accused individual may be facing a considerable amount of stress when working to deal with the allegations.

Who pays for litigation costs during probate administration?

The idea of closing a loved one's estate may have some Oklahoma residents feeling as if they will obtain a sense of closure themselves. Of course, when going through probate administration, there is a chance that difficulties in the form of legal disputes could arise. Some individuals may feel the need to challenge certain aspects of the will, and if so, the executor will likely have to handle probate litigation.

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