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Taking action before probate administration may be proactive

Acting as the executor of an Oklahoma estate is a considerable responsibility. In the best case scenarios, a person would gain the approval of a candidate before making such an appointment. This preapproval means the executor would know that he or she is in such a position when the time comes to handle the necessary affairs, such as dealing with probate administration.

Knowing ahead of time could also help executors take necessary steps early. In many cases, acting quickly after a loved one's death may be prudent in order to protect assets. Accessing the home, changing locks, freezing financial accounts and other similar actions could all help ensure that a deceased loved one's belongings remain where they should until the time for distribution through probate comes.

Additionally, executors may also want to make sure they gather the correct documents. Having the will and other estate planning documents, records relating to finances and tax information could all prove useful during the probate proceedings. Taking the time to obtain these documents early may help individuals gain a better idea of what the estate may be worth and what actions they may need to take when it comes to dealing with the final financial affairs.

It may be difficult to take certain protective steps before probate administration is fully underway. However, executors may have the ability to obtain certain information and take some actions if they are able to provide evidence that they are in charge of handling final affairs. In order to better understand useful steps to take soon after a loved one's death and when beginning probate, interested Oklahoma residents may wish to consult with applicable attorneys.

Source:, "5 Things to Do the Moment a Loved One Passes Away", Daniel A. Timins, April 17, 2018

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