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Outdated, unspecific plan may make estate planning less effective

Most people want to avoid situations in which they personally make their loved one's lives more difficult. When it comes to death, some people may think that because they are gone, they will have no considerable impact on their families' lives one way or another. However, that is not the case. Surviving family members have numerous tasks to attend to, and if a deceased person did not properly complete the estate planning process before his or her demise, complications could arise.

Oklahoma man accused of drunk driving after officers receive tip

Making the mistake of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is something that numerous people go through. Often, this type of incident results in parties facing charges for drunk driving. The penalties for such an allegation can range in severity, depending on various factors relating to a specific arrest, but in any case, an individual has the right to defend against charges.

Probate and administration deal with estates but differ

Legal proceedings of any kind can seem daunting. There are reasons why individuals devote their lives to learning the laws revolving around a particular legal area, and one of those reasons is that the law is complicated. The details of a single situation may determine what type of legal proceeding is most appropriate, and without the right knowledge, many Oklahoma residents may not know how to proceed. In particular, some parties may not know the difference between estate probate and administration.

Young woman facing drunk driving charge in Oklahoma

At one point or another, most people find themselves in some sort of trouble. This type of predicament may be minor for some, but others could end up facing criminal charges. If an individual is suspected of consuming alcohol and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, there is a chance that drunk driving charges could be brought against that person. This type of legal scenario is serious but not impossible to handle.

Is it possible to have a DUI charge reduced?

One night out in Oklahoma City drinking with your friends turned into you receiving a DUI charge. The consequences if convicted include a criminal record, jail sentence, restitution and revoked driving privileges. There are also the lingering effects it can have on your career, housing choices and life. One question that you might have is if DUI charges can be reduced. It may be possible to have your charge reduced or dismissed, but your outcome depends on the evidence and other factors. 

Addressing a parent's debt during probate administration

Debt issues can prove difficult to handle. When an Oklahoma parent dies and an adult child is left to handle the remaining estate, dealing with the parent's debt may seem intimidating. During probate administration, addressing outstanding balances does need to take place, and individuals in charge of this task may need to pay close attention.

Family should know where to find estate planning documents

Once the time has come to create an estate plan, Oklahoma residents may need to keep various pieces of information in mind. Estate planning can involve leaving instructions for many areas of a person's life, and in order to ensure that a plan covers all desired areas, carefully reviewing planning options and personal details may prove useful. Therefore, individuals may want to ask themselves certain questions to keep their plans on track.

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