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Estate planning can go beyond a simple will

A will can play a major part in an Oklahoma resident's estate plan. However, estate planning can, and often should, go far beyond simply utilizing a will to express final wishes. There are many aspects of life and death that a comprehensive plan could cover, and simply relying on a will may be a mistake.

Oklahoma man faces drunk driving charge months after crash

It is common for individuals to want to deal with predicaments in the manner that they feel personally comfortable with. Because each person often has a different view on what approach may work best for a particular situation, such as facing charges for drunk driving, no single method will work for every accused party. Fortunately, individuals in this type of scenario can explore the different options available to them.

Estate planning could be a gift that keeps giving in Oklahoma

When people think of gestures of love and ways to let spouses or children know that they are cared for, creating an estate plan may not cross their minds as this type of action. However, estate planning could be viewed as a gift as it can address many factors of a person's life and estate that could work toward avoiding difficulties for surviving loved ones. Because it is unlikely that Oklahoma residents want to leave their family with a mess of an estate to sort through, a solid plan could be a loving gift.

Addressing digital assets during estate planning may be wise

In more recent years, most people have become accustomed to sharing various aspects of their lives online. Whether they are posting photos on social media, sending emails or dealing with online banking, much of life now takes place on the web. Because of this development, some Oklahoma residents may have concerns regarding how these accounts and assets will be addressed after their deaths. Luckily, estate planning may be able to help.

Woman accused of drunk driving after crash with patrol vehicle

When individuals find themselves in situations that result in criminal charges, they may immediately begin to panic. However, staying calm could help parties accused of drunk driving or other violations better handle their predicaments. For instance, rather than believing that they will face punishment for their actions, they may want to determine their options for defending against allegations.

Conflict with stepparents may impact probate administration

It is not unusual for surviving family members to find issues with a deceased loved one's remaining affairs. Though some problems may be easily resolved, other conflicts could bring probate administration to a standstill until litigation or other legal proceedings have rectified the issue. In many instances, disagreements between family members can have this type of effect.

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