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Handling debts can be confusing part of probate administration

The passing of a loved one can leave not only considerable grief but also much unfinished business. In most cases, that business is addressed during probate administration proceedings, and the executor carries out necessary duties. While the executor is not personally responsible for handling debts and other financial obligations of the estate, questions about those issues may come about.

Man suspected of drunk driving after crash in Oklahoma

After a serious accident, some individuals may think that the situation cannot get any worse. However, the incident could quickly turn from a civil event to a criminal one if officers suspect a person of drunk driving. In this type of situation, a driver may not only need to determine what to do about the accident but also how to handle allegations brought against him or her.

Estate planning can help with long-term care planning

Dealing with the costs of long-term care can hit many Oklahoma residents and their families hard. Some individuals may think that they have completed their estate planning once they have a will and possibly some other applicable documents in place, but they may not have considered using an estate plan to address potential long-term care needs. Some parties may think that they will not need such care or that they will be able to afford it easily, but that may not be the case.

Issues put probate administration on hold for Manson estate

When questions exist regarding who should handle an estate, many complications can arise. Probate administration must be put on hold until the questions and complications are handled, and that can take a considerable amount of time in some cases. Oklahoma residents may be interested in this type of issue currently taking place in regard to Charles Manson's estate.

Tax law changes may impact Oklahoma estate planning

It is not unusual for taxes to be a subject that causes many Oklahoma residents and others across the country to grumble. Paying taxes is hardly considered a desirable action by most individuals, but it is an action that must be carried out nonetheless. When it comes to estate planning, paying attention to tax implications may prove useful.

How can a DUI charge affect my job?

If you are dealing with a DUI charge in Oklahoma City, the last thing that might cross your mind is its effects on your career. You may believe the charge is not an actual conviction and you have nothing to worry about because your employer will never find out about it. However, it is possible for your employer to learn about your situation even if you do not tell them.

Estate planning may help Oklahoma residents start the new year

Many people treat the beginning of a new year as a time for change and reflection. Numerous Oklahoma residents may have made resolutions to better themselves or their lives in some way. For many individuals, estate planning or updating existing plans may be worth considering as they move into a new era of their lives.

Man charged with drunk driving after collision in driveway

People often make mistakes throughout their lives. In some instances, those mistakes may have few consequences, and in other cases, the outcomes could prove detrimental. In situations that allegedly involve drunk driving, individuals could find themselves facing the possibility of serious charges, punishments and life-changing outcomes. Even allegations of DUI could have lasting effects.

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