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Many still put off estate planning until it is too late

While medical science may be increasing the life expectancy of the population in general, this doesn't necessarily mean everyone will live longer. In fact, accidental deaths, particularly fatal motor vehicle accidents, may be on the rise. There are no guarantees in life, yet people in Oklahoma continue to procrastinate when it comes to estate planning.

The media recently reported a story from another country where the court accepted an unsent text as the last will and testament of a man who apparently planned to disinherit his wife. The importance of such a decision may seem trivialized by having it expressed in a text that the writer did not even send, and the family was subsequently embroiled in a lawsuit to sort out the affair. This is why estate planning advisors recommend that people use more conventional methods for establishing their last wishes.

Delaying the preparation of one's estate is common. Some people believe the word 'estate' is reserved for those with substantial assets. Others procrastinate because they simply can't face their own mortality. Finally, some may feel that the decisions that must be made are overwhelming and too difficult to deal with.

Whatever the excuses for not making an estate plan, the advice of an attorney may be able to put one's mind at ease. Understanding the importance of providing security and clarity for loved ones may override a person's reluctance to face his or her fears. An Oklahoma estate planning attorney may help one deal with the uncertainty of considering end-of-life questions.

Source:, "Why do so many avoid estate planning?", Margaret R. McDowell, Nov. 8, 2017

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