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Woman with previous record arrested for drunk driving

With the increase in accidents and fatalities involving drugs and alcohol, police are on the alert for drivers showing signs of impairment. A driver accused of operating a vehicle under the influence may face an uncertain future, especially if he or she already has a record of similar offenses. Recently, an Oklahoma woman with a record of numerous convictions for drunk driving was arrested and charged with the same offense.

Police received a call to respond to a reckless driver on a local highway. The caller reported the driver was slowing down to 45 mph, then suddenly reaching speeds up to 80 mph. When officers allegedly witnessed the driver committing a traffic violation, they followed the car until it came to a stop in a driveway.

Officers say they immediately noticed the 55-year-old driver exhibiting signs of impairment, including bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and difficulty understanding the officer's questions. According to police reports, the woman admitted to drinking beer and taking prescription opioid pain medication. Officers say her level of intoxication appeared to be too dangerous to attempt routine field sobriety tests, so they arrested her and drove her to jail, which is when the odor of alcohol in the back of the patrol car became apparent to police.

The woman's record of arrests for alcohol-related offenses dates back to 1990 with the most recent arrest in 2016. In fact, the felony charge from that incident is still pending. At the time of her current arrest, the woman's license was revoked.

With a background of drunk driving charges, convictions and pending action, the woman in this case faces a difficult road. With each subsequent offense for impaired driving, the penalties increase, and one's options become limited. Fortunately, there are attorneys in Oklahoma with experience protecting the rights of those facing subsequent offenses for DUI.

Source:, "Woman Charged with Drunk Driving on Highway 177 in Perkins", Mary Kelly, Sept. 29, 2017

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