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Jerry Lewis surprises some with his estate planning decisions

Celebrities either meticulously plan their estates or shock their fans by leaving no instructions for the distribution of their fortunes. The recent death of comedian and legend Jerry Lewis has not failed to garner surprise and interest from Oklahoma fans and estate planning experts alike. While some in the media report the contents of Lewis's will as shocking, other analysts argue that his actions are not all that unusual.

DUI impact on employment

Driving under the influence is a serious offense, and the courts treat it as such. If you or a loved one faces a DUI charge, it could come with serious consequences outside of fees and possible jail time.

Woman charged with drunk driving after vehicle hits tree

Driving in Oklahoma is often treacherous, whether it is in the heavy traffic of big cities or the rural highways where wildlife may appear at any moment. To have an accident is stressful enough, especially when children are in the vehicle. However, when police charge the driver with drunk driving, the driver's life may be put on hold indefinitely.

Probate administration may be delayed for many reasons

The death of a loved one often sends a family into confusion. Work, school and personal lives are put on hold while family members gather to help with final arrangements and celebrate the life of the deceased. Within days, the matters of probate administration begin, and those in Oklahoma who are unfamiliar with the process may have many questions about these legal obligations, particularly how long they last.

Discussing estate planning with family makes sense

While some may find the process of preparing their estate a complex and intimidating task, even more daunting may be discussing those plans with family members and loved ones. Broaching the subject of one's departure from this world may be uncomfortable, and some families may even consider the topic of death taboo. However, because events may unfold that place family members in the position of making life-and-death decisions for a loved one, estate planning discussions may provide a solid framework for those decisions.

Woman charged with drunk driving after fatal accident

Few people disagree that driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous. Too many studies and personal experiences demonstrate the dangers of drunk driving. When alcohol is believed to be a factor in a fatal accident, the accused driver may face a future of uncertainty. One Oklahoma woman is currently in jail after her recent arrest related to a fatal accident last December.

Probate administration complicated by missing heir

Although the death of a loved one may be difficult, some find comfort in the generous gifts the deceased leaves behind. However, making a will or other estate plan only goes so far if the documents are not updated regularly. For example, probate administration becomes difficult when designated heirs cannot be located. Oklahoma laws typically require an extensive search before closing the estate.

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