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The confusion of lingering debts during probate administration

While it may seem that a loved one's death is the end, in many respects, it is the beginning. For example, it is the beginning of the complex process of bringing closure to the estate of the deceased. Those in Oklahoma who have never experienced the death of someone close may have many questions about what to expect and who carries the responsibility for completing the many tasks of probate administration.

Oklahoma police patrol for drunk driving over holiday

At this time of year, many in Oklahoma look back and wonder where the summer went. Schools will be back in session soon, and weather will begin to turn cooler. Whether a college student, parent or teacher, some may be grasping for the last moments of carefree summer days. However, law enforcement in Oklahoma advises people to exercise good sense when attending those end-of-season celebrations, especially when alcohol is involved. This typically involves planning ahead by assigning designated drivers or other alternatives to drunk driving.

Carrie Fisher's estate planning provides a positive example

In recent years, celebrity deaths have brought important focus on the need for thinking ahead. When famous people die leaving ridiculous fortunes to no one in particular, fans in Oklahoma may wonder why such wealthy people did not take the time for estate planning. Instead, months pass while potential heirs dispute and probate drags on, likely something none of the departed stars wished to happen.

Do you understand the consequences of a DUI charge?

Many people who drink and drive in Oklahoma assume the only ones who have something to lose are those who have lucrative careers, fancy lifestyles and are in the public eye. Little do they realize that DUI charges have a much deeper impact on their lives. Not only do they have to deal with the stigma attached to the crime, they must also deal with the short- and long-term effects. Many of the immediate consequences of DUI charges can alter the course of their lives for many years to come. 

Woman suspected of drunk driving had children in the car

It is not uncommon for police in Oklahoma to stop a vehicle for a minor infraction only to discover more serious issues inside the vehicle. When this happens, the driver of the vehicle may risk arrest by not understanding his or her rights and the limitations and boundaries of law enforcement. Instead of receiving a citation for a faulty headlight, the driver may end up in jail facing serious charges like drunk driving.

An overview of probate administration

In the uncertain days and weeks that pass immediately following the death of a loved one, there may be a great deal of confusion and uncertainty. The surviving spouse or loved ones may have very little understanding of the state of the family finances or the true scope of the estate. Knowing what needs to be done is the first step to bringing it all into order through probate administration.

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