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Preparing digital assets for probate administration

Estate planning provides guidance and direction for those who hold a legal interest in someone's assets. By detailing one's wishes and preferences, probate administration can be simplified and, in some cases, bypassed altogether. However, what many in Oklahoma overlook when planning their estates is the designation of rights for their digital assets. Unlike physical assets, many digital assets are protected by law and cannot simply be handed down to an heir without careful preparation.

Estate planning preserves a small business owner's dream

A small business owner has enough to think about just to keep the business running smoothly. Sometimes it's enough to be able to focus on the day-to-day necessities without worrying about problems that may or may not happen years down the road. Unfortunately, if an entrepreneur supports his or her family with the profits from a business, there is no room for the luxury of postponing creating a contingency plan. A major element of protecting one's business and family is estate planning.

Man faces drunk driving charges after single vehicle accident

Accidents involving alcohol have the potential to cause devastating injuries. Because of this, Oklahoma law enforcement and safety advocacy groups work hard to promote sober driving habits. A driver who is believed to be under the influence faces serious penalties if a court finds him or her guilty of drunk driving. One man is currently facing such a situation following a recent single vehicle accident.

Family invoking slayer rule during probate administration

In Oklahoma, when a family member dies suddenly, it is often under tragic circumstances. When several family members perish at the same time and a fortune is at stake, it may be under suspicious circumstances. The sisters of a deceased woman in another state have their suspicions about their nephew, the last person to see his mother and grandfather alive, who is next in line to inherit a portion of a $40 million estate now in probate administration. They have petitioned the probate court to bar the young man from receiving any of the assets.

Estate planning may be even more important for singles

Estate plans are often geared toward families so that parents can provide for their children and ensure a surviving spouse is well supported. Because of this, singles in Oklahoma may think they have no need for estate planning. However, having a plan for the future may be even more important to those who are unmarried. They simply must focus on difference aspects and goals in their preparations.

Edward Albee's drastic estate planning does not surprise friends

The news has been full of stories of artists and creative geniuses who have left their estates to chance. Not only have these great minds named no one to protect and manage their art, they have left unpublished and incomplete works with no instructions for their use. Not so with playwright Edward Albee, who died in 2016. With careful estate planning, Mr. Albee has left clear instructions to his estate executors.

Police on the lookout for drunk driving July 4

Fourth of July celebrations are often the highlight of summer for many in Oklahoma. Picnics, parades and fireworks are favorite ways to celebrate Independence Day with friends and family. Often, those celebrations include alcoholic beverages to lighten the mood and heighten the festive atmosphere. However, those festive feelings can dissipate quickly when a driver is pulled over for drunk driving.

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