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DUIs and the ignition interlock device

In the state of Oklahoma, the laws treat drunk driving seriously. If an officer arrests you for driving under the influence, there are mandatory periods for license revocation. Additionally, Oklahoma has instituted ignition interlock laws.

If you receive a DUI charge as a first offender, you may wish to petition the court to have your license restored. The attorney you engage can help you with this. If the court agrees to modify the revocation order, it will probably require you to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle.

The anatomy of the IID

Designed to meet the standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this small device is about the size of a cellphone. It is a computerized breath analyzer attached to the wiring under the dashboard and hood of your car. All you do is exhale into it, and if your breath alcohol content exceeds the authorized level programed into the device, the car will not start.

If you pass the initial test, keep in mind that there will be random retests as you drive. You can pull over or keep driving in order to exhale into the breathalyzer. Do not worry that the car will simply stop during a retest; the device is not capable of interrupting the operation of your vehicle once you are under way.

Restoring your license and more

It only takes a DUI charge, not a conviction, for a driver's license suspension in Oklahoma, but you may need to have your driver's license restored if you have no means other than your personal vehicle for getting to work or school. You must schedule a court hearing within 15 days, so reach out for legal help without delay. An ignition interlock device may be the solution to get you back behind the wheel, but you are still facing a DUI conviction and serious consequences that will require the expertise of your criminal defense attorney.

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