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Woman accused of bribing officer during drunk driving arrest

One of the attractions of consuming alcohol is that it often allows one to relax and forget about the day. Unfortunately, that is also one of the serious drawbacks of imbibing. The day after people have been drinking, they often regret the things they said or did the night before. A critical regret for many is drunk driving. One Oklahoma woman may have experienced some remorse for her behavior after her recent arrest for DUI.

In the early hours of the morning, law enforcement received numerous calls about a disturbance in a local neighborhood. Police reported finding a woman at the address who was kicking at the door of a house at which she did not reside. When they confronted the woman, officers said her eyes were bloodshot, her speech was slurred and her breath smelled strongly of alcohol. The woman allegedly began yelling at the officers.

The police report indicates that the woman failed a field sobriety test that was initiated after officers determined that the woman's vehicle was parked in the yard of a neighboring house. When an officer attempted to place the woman under arrest, she allegedly offered him $1,000 to let her go. At the police station, the woman was reportedly unwilling to blow into the Breathalyzer hard enough to produce an adequate sample. She allegedly became combative and had to be restrained.

The woman was charged with drunk driving, driving with a suspended license and bribing an officer. She also had two outstanding warrants. Oklahoma residents who find themselves in similar situations may be concerned about their future. In such confusing circumstances, the actions of law enforcement may infringe on one's rights without the person even realizing it is happening. The advice of a lawyer as early as possible may allow for a more positive outcome.

Source:, "Oklahoma City woman accused of DUI allegedly bribed police officer during arrest", Dallas Franklin, March 30, 2017

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