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Executor may need to prepare for probate administration

Few people in Oklahoma take the time to plan their estates. To do so may be unsettling to some, but it is a generous gift to loved ones who are left behind. Part of estate planning is selecting someone to be executor of the estate. This job includes seeing the estate through probate administration, which is not always an easy task. The duties and challenges of an estate executor may not be fully appreciated until one has undertaken the job.

Man faces drunk driving charges after colliding with patrol car

Being involved in a traffic accident with a police officer is not a good thing. A driver who collides with a patrol car may face even more trouble if he or she is suspected of drunk driving. Such an incident occurred recently just after midnight on an Oklahoma street. One man is now in jail facing charges of drunk driving and more.

Bill adds penalties for drunk driving and those who serve alcohol

Oklahoma lawmakers continue to seek ways to reduce the number of injuries and deaths on the road. More specifically, they are working to draft legislation for harsher penalties for drunk driving offenses. One such bill that passed through the Oklahoma House of Representatives and is now on the docket in the Senate extends its penalties well beyond the driver of the vehicle. The bill is named for two women who died in drunk driving accidents.

No estate planning means long, expensive probate for Prince heirs

As the one year anniversary of Prince's death approaches, probate drags on. Because the superstar did no estate planning, the court is left to decide the best interests of the estate and its heirs without knowing Prince's intentions. While some progress has been made over the past year, fans in Oklahoma may be frustrated to see that new disputes arise among the heirs with each court decision.

Woman accused of bribing officer during drunk driving arrest

One of the attractions of consuming alcohol is that it often allows one to relax and forget about the day. Unfortunately, that is also one of the serious drawbacks of imbibing. The day after people have been drinking, they often regret the things they said or did the night before. A critical regret for many is drunk driving. One Oklahoma woman may have experienced some remorse for her behavior after her recent arrest for DUI.

Probate administration follows deceased's wishes if a will exists

Many may have a fictionalized idea of the importance of estate planning. After watching movies about rich and powerful parents threatening to write their children out of their wills or spoiled college students pouting about the limits on their trust funds, people in Oklahoma may conclude that estate planning is only for the wealthy. In fact, anyone who owns property or other assets would benefit from creating a will because they may save their heirs many common frustrations associated with probate administration.

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