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Drunk driving suspect faces weapons charge

Oklahoma police are usually on the alert when they pull a driver over for DUI. With any traffic stop, police are never certain what may transpire or what danger they may face. This may be especially true in the case of drunk driving because alcohol may make a driver less inhibited or more confrontational. One Texas driver recently discovered this when he encountered police after witnesses reported him for driving under the influence.

Police received a call describing a vehicle that may have been operated by an intoxicated driver. When officers noticed a vehicle matching the description allegedly driving 15 mph over the speed limit, they pulled the driver over. The officer claimed he smelled alcohol but reported that the driver denied drinking and evaded requests for a Breathalyzer test. Eventually, the man agreed to field sobriety tests, and police say he admitted to having a gun in his vehicle.

When officers asked the man the location of the weapon, he reportedly refused to say. Police say they secured the man in a patrol car and located the revolver with a speed loader and 20 rounds of ammunition. The Oklahoma police report says the man provoked officers and threatened violent actions while he was being booked.

Sometimes traffic situations escalate into serious offenses. When this happens, drivers are cautioned to remain calm and cooperative with police. Having legal counsel as soon as possible after a drunk driving arrest may mean the differences in the charges filed. A lawyer will advise his or her clients following an arrest and make sure their rights are protected throughout the entire process.

Source:, "Sapulpa man allegedly antagonized officer after arrest for DUI", Rachel Snyder, March 17, 2017

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