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Drunk driving arrests in Oklahoma now tracked by police

Oklahoma is serious about enforcing DUI laws. To enhance public safety, Oklahoma has enacted hundreds of new drunk driving laws over the past years to make it more difficult for those convicted of impaired driving to repeat their offense. The most recent change involves the tracking of previously convicted drunk drivers and their drinking habits.

The Impaired Driving Elimination Act is a database system that allows police to log and compile data about drunk driving arrests across the state. The IDEA database records the sites of DUI arrests as well as the last known locations where those drivers consumed alcohol. The database allows officers to search for previous arrests related to drug or alcohol impairment and report that information to prosecutors.

Police believe this new system will allow them to focus on certain areas where drunk driving is a particular danger. They also expect to target those businesses that may be responsible for overserving patrons. Public safety officers have said that this new technology levels the playing field between drunk drivers and law enforcement.

One of the first thoughts of a driver who is stopped on suspicion of drunk driving might be to obtain legal advice. Having an experienced lawyer by his or her side as soon as possible after an arrest will allow the attorney to examine evidence and interview witnesses while the event is still fresh. These are the first steps to building a solid defense to protect the driver from the serious consequences -- including becoming part of a statewide database -- attached to a DUI conviction in Oklahoma.

Source:, "State testing new database to better track DUI drivers", Leif M. Wright, March 2, 2017

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