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Man arrested for drunk driving doing donuts in gravel lot

Alcohol affects everyone in different ways. After a few drinks, the emotions and behaviors of those at a party or in a bar may be radically different from one another. One common result of drinking is that it impairs driving. Drunk driving is often easy for trained police officers to spot. One man accused of driving under the influence may have made himself a little too easy to notice.

Oklahoma police say they were called to a motel parking lot one recent night and witnessed a pickup truck doing donuts in a gravel parking lot next to the property. The officer shined his flashlight on the truck in an attempt to attract the driver's attention. Instead, police say the driver increased his speed and continued to spin his truck in circles. The truck's wheels apparently sprayed gravel onto cars parked nearby. The broken rear windows on two cars were attributed to rocks from the spinning truck.

When the officer noticed that his own vehicle was among those allegedly damaged by the flying gravel, he initiated his lights. This reportedly caused the driver to stop his truck. The 27-year-old driver was placed under arrest for driving under the influence as well as two charges of destroying property.

When drivers face charges such as these, they may not know what is at stake. The serious consequences of drunk driving convictions in Oklahoma can haunt someone for years, putting jobs, finances and family life at risk. With each consecutive conviction, the penalties are more severe. This is why building a strong defense strategy as soon as possible after an arrest is crucial. Having experienced legal counsel will make all the difference.

Source:, "Police: Man arrested for DUI after damaging several vehicles while doing donuts", Austin Prickett, Feb. 14, 2017

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