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Estate planning includes choosing a reliable trustee

Thinking about the end of one's life is not always easy. Careful consideration is needed for estate planning, and it often involves making difficult decisions. One choice people in Oklahoma have to make is who will act as trustees for their trusts. Making the wrong choice could jeopardize the trust and the future it secures for one's heirs.

Outstanding debt considered during estate planning

When someone in Oklahoma makes the effort to write a will, that person's relatives may be relieved that the estate is prepared for their loved one's eventual death. They may even look forward to receiving a bit of an inheritance from the loved one's estate. However, estate planning is many-faceted, and having a will may be only the beginning. For example, if a loved one dies owing money to creditors, even that small inheritance may be in jeopardy.

Man arrested for drunk driving doing donuts in gravel lot

Alcohol affects everyone in different ways. After a few drinks, the emotions and behaviors of those at a party or in a bar may be radically different from one another. One common result of drinking is that it impairs driving. Drunk driving is often easy for trained police officers to spot. One man accused of driving under the influence may have made himself a little too easy to notice.

Probate administration does not cross state lines

For people who own property in two states, traveling may be an easy choice. They may spend most of the year in Oklahoma, then move to another area for winter or summer. Owning a second home provides many conveniences; however, there are also responsibilities and burdens. In addition to mortgages, taxes and maintenance, the possibility that one's family will face the frustration of probate administration in two separate states must also be considered.

Students filming drunk driving promo narrowly miss being hit

One of the most common ways to combat intoxicated driving is through educational programs. Governmental agencies and special advocacy groups have invested millions of dollars in campaigns to alert people to the dangers of drunk driving. One pair of college students who were creating a DUI project for Oklahoma police experienced first-hand the risks involved when an alleged drunk driver approached.

Survey shows families do not communicate about estate planning

Although 90 percent of parents and adult children believe families should have detailed discussions about their estates, about half of them have actually done so. This is according to a recent study by Fidelity Investments. There also seems to be a major disconnect between parents and children about many of the details of estate planning, including when it should be done. Families in Oklahoma may not be as ready for their futures as they think they are, especially if they have not scheduled a time to express their wishes.

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