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Probate administration may prove volatile for siblings

Few things stir up past rivalries or open old wounds more than the events that take place after parents have died. Probate administration can bring out the worst in siblings, and dormant family issues may lead an otherwise peaceful distribution of assets to a heated courtroom battle. There are several ways in which parents in Oklahoma may unwittingly contribute to this tension.

Estate planning and a vacation home

After enjoying a vacation home for years, some may realize they need to decide what they want to happen to it after they are gone. If the home was well-loved as their children grew or even passed down from previous generations, making a plan for its continued use may be of primary importance. There are a number of factors to consider when including a vacation home in one's estate planning.

Woman charged with drunk driving after wrong-way accident

Penalties for driving under the influence vary from state to state, but Oklahoma's are some of the harshest. Drunk driving convictions can result in fines, jail time and loss of driver's license. When other traffic violations are included, a person may be concerned about his or her future. One woman in Tulsa may be thinking seriously about defense strategies after her recent arrest.

What you need to know about implied consent laws

Over the past half century, the push by policymakers and law enforcement officials to curtail drinking and driving in the public interest has led to a number of social changes. Among them is the use of blood, urine, and breath tests to determine whether a driver has been operating a vehicle under the influence. Unfortunately, in practice many law enforcement agencies rely almost exclusively on breath testing, which can be rendered inaccurate in several different ways. This has led some to question whether motorists should refuse to take a test if asked. The short answer is no, because there are laws that state that possession of a driver's license implies your consent to be tested, so refusing the test is unlawful.

Attorneys want probate administration rights for Prince's estate

Nearly nine months after the iconic musician's sudden and tragic death, Prince's massive estate lingers in uncertainty. Many in Oklahoma and across the country are following the story as a cautionary tale about estate planning and protecting one's assets. In the midst of the chaos, two noted lawyers are seeking the privilege of handling probate administration for the performer's estate. The court will appoint an administrator because Prince died without leaving a will, which typically specifies an executor to administer an estate.

Estate planning often overlooks pets

When celebrities make the headlines, it is usually because they have done something outrageous, like leaving millions of dollars in a will to a pet. However, this gesture brings attention to a long-overlooked issue in estate planning: providing for a pet after its owner dies. In Oklahoma, pet lovers are turning to trusts to ensure their beloved friends are protected and cared for.

Oklahoma man charged with drunk driving has much at stake

Many in Oklahoma are dealing with the aftermath of the holidays, including taking down decorations, paying off bills and losing holiday weight. For some, however, the aftermath is more somber if their celebrations brought them in contact with law enforcement. For one man, his encounter with police and the ensuing drunk driving arrest may have a long-reaching impact on his life.

Mistakes made while trying to avoid probate administration

If a person earlier in life has not prepared his or her estate, he or she will certainly begin to consider it when growing older. While the primary purpose of making a plan may be to provide loved ones with a secure future, a person in Oklahoma may also want to make the time and expense of probate administration as easy or unnecessary as possible. That person may weigh several options.

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