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Understanding auto-brewery syndrome

When you really start to look around at the range of human diversity and the biological differences that come from it, the idea that any medical test can be pinned down to a scientific level of accuracy begins to look pretty amazing. One condition that contributes to this sense of subjectivity is auto-brewery syndrome. Remarkably, those with this condition can function and exhibit no signs of intoxication even when their blood alcohol level is reliably measured at 0.3 or even 0.4 by tests.

Estate planning for singles is vital

A recent Gallup Poll showed that the number of single people in the country is growing. In fact, 64 percent of those between 19 and 29 years old have never been married, and more than 18 million senior citizens are divorced, widowed or single. To some, it makes sense for married people to make wills and trusts, but estate planning for singles in Oklahoma may be just as vital.

Police alert for drunk driving over the holidays

As the holiday season nears an end, people in Oklahoma may be planning their New Year's Eve celebrations. However, even as party plans are being made, law enforcement agencies are making preparations of their own. Following the lead of the national campaign to "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over," police across the state will be on the lookout for drunk driving.

Probate administration appoints executor to make tough decisions

In Oklahoma, those who prepare their estates do so because they have particular wishes for themselves, their heirs and their property after they die. Their wills express those wishes, and probate administration is the first step to ensuring those wishes are fulfilled. When the will is proved to be valid and an executor is appointed, the process of dividing the estate begins. One question that may bring some debate and disagreement is what to do with the house.

Does a breath test really measure alcohol?

Of all the traffic laws that drivers on American roads are intended to understand and follow, DUI laws tend to be the most discussed and the most often revised and revisited. That's because while no one wants to invite impaired drivers to put others at risk on the road, the level of impairment that actually constitutes a risk and the best way to measure it are both controversial. With some contending that the effects of substances are so variable that drawing a line in the sand is difficult, and others pushing to increase penalties to discourage risky behavior, understanding how these laws operate in the real world can be frustrating.

Drunk driving may result in suspended license or worse

With the holidays looming, your calendar may be filling up with parties and get-togethers. The festive feeling of these parties, the closeness of family and friends and the new year ahead may provide the perfect excuses for you to let go of inhibitions and enjoy yourself. However, those warm feelings may quickly fade away if you are pulled over for drunk driving. In Oklahoma, a DUI conviction can result in serious consequences.

Estate planning is more than avoiding taxes

With the recent presidential campaign, people in Oklahoma heard many promises about the repeal of the federal estate tax. Apparently, this is nothing new; politicians have been discussing its repeal for decades. However, these promises become dangerous when they cause people to postpone their estate planning until the tax is gone, taking the chance that their heirs will be left with the frustration of uncertainty.

Challenging a person's estate planning is not easy

One important goal of making a will is to make sure one's assets are distributed the way he or she intended. People in Oklahoma who take the time to do estate planning often give careful thought to their beneficiaries. Based on family dynamics, it is not always a surprise when one person receives the lion's share and another is left out.

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