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Estate planning may be challenging if heirs do not behave

It is the hope of many in Oklahoma to be able to leave a little something behind for their children or other loved ones. However, their estate planning may be complicated if those potential heirs are not ready to receive an inheritance. This could be because they have addictions, they are immature or they are simply bad with money. Some are discovering that there is a way to be generous to one's children and still hold them accountable for their behavior or choices.

Man accused of drunk driving, fleeing accident scene

When it comes to laws that deal with impaired drivers, Oklahoma has some of the strictest in the country. A conviction for drunk driving may have a serious impact on a person's life. Subsequent arrests may result in felony charges. One man finds himself in just such a situation recently after an accident.

Will I Lose My Professional License Over A DUI?

When someone is arrested for a DUI in Oklahoma, one of their first concerns may be about what type of fines and penalties they could face or if they get to keep their driver's license. But if you hold a professional license, you may have to worry about how the charges will impact your careers as well.

Probate administration can be a burden without help

It may seem like an honor when someone trusts another enough to leave him or her with the task of administrating an estate. However, even if there is a will, the duties required for successful probate administration in Oklahoma are burdensome and time consuming. If a person has no experience in estate law or probate, he or she may end up resenting the deceased for being left with an overwhelming responsibility.

Estate planning may protect one's business legacy

Most entrepreneurs in Oklahoma do not spend their lives and fortunes establishing businesses that will fold when they die. Many believe their legacies will continue for generations after they are gone. However, they must do some careful planning and preparing if that is to become a reality. There are many estate planning tools that can provide that security.

New drunk driving laws toughen penalties for repeat offenders

Earlier this month, a new law went into effect that may make the job of defense attorneys more challenging. Oklahoma municipal courts now have the option of creating a court of record to handle drunk driving offenses. Many applaud this move as a way to prevent the injuries and deaths associated with DUI accidents. However, repeat offenders may find themselves targeted.

Pumpkin Spice DUI

Raking leaves. Chilly mornings. Thanksgiving meal planning. These may paint a pretty picture of what some people envision when they think of fall. But for others, fall means one thing: Pumpkin spice. Pumpkin spice lattes by morning, pumpkin spice cocktails by evening.

Estate planning requires a sound mind

Most states, including Oklahoma, require a person to be of sound mind when writing and signing a will. The question of whether a person had strong mental capabilities when handling his or her estate planning is one that often results in a will contest. One family is now preparing for a battle to determine the final wishes of a pillar of their community.

Carefully planned estates may bypass probate administration

Waiting to plan for the future is a mistake many people in Oklahoma make. In fact, it is a common complaint of financial advisors that most people reach the end of their lives without a plan for their long-term care or the distribution of their assets. Because of this, people leave no choice but for others to make serious decisions for them, whether it is bereaved family members or through probate administration.

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