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Wills and legal challenges: enlisting aid from a proven attorney

So, imagine you're an Oklahoma resident who has dutifully attended to what are conceivably all the relevant details relating to your estate plan. You have thought long and hard about things such as the passing along of property to heirs, lawful tax avoidance, gifting, the special needs of select family members, the utility of trusts and myriad other matters.

Can anything go wrong down the road in the aftermath of your estate planning, say, with regard to disgruntled individuals who might ultimately seek to contest your will?

It happens.

"People are living longer, and their lives are getting messier," notes one commentator in a recent article addressing will challenges. That media piece points out that life is far more complex for many families than it used to be ("more time for a second marriage, more time for valuables to pile up, more time for the family tree to sprout some unfamiliar branches"), with that fact sometimes throwing a wrench into administration matters during probate.

The above article notes the flat importance for any planner to be duly careful about the execution of a will, especially when it comes to making one "that's as bulletproof as possible."

How is that accomplished?

A good point to note initially is that boilerplate forms, that is, generic offerings available in stationary stores and online, are not the ticket to peace of mind regarding the efficacy of a will and its legal ability to accomplish what a drafter wants to happen following his or her death.

"The Internet is a terrible lawyer," notes the aforementioned media focus on careful planning.

A seasoned estate planning attorney with a demonstrated record of helping diverse clients fully attain planning objectives is of course a prudent alternative and immeasurable improvement over ready-made forms.

An experienced lawyer who routinely promotes the best interests of individuals and families across the full spectrum of estate planning matters can best ensure that desired outcomes down the road withstand challenges and are fully realized to the benefit of future generations.

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